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Self Assessment Tax Returns

An increasing number of people are finding they are required to submit 

a Tax Return to HMRC.

The reasons for this could include one or more of the following:

  • Self–Employment, either sole trader or partnership
  • Directorship of a limited company
  • Owning rental property including Furnished Holiday Lets.
  • Being a subcontractor and falling under the Construction Industry Scheme
  • Incurring expenses or receving benefits relating to your employment
  • Earning over £50,000 but still receiving child benefit
  • Disposal of a Capital Asset resulting in a capital gain or loss

We can help with:

  • Self Employed income
  • Employment income including benefits and expenses
  • Income from Land and Property
  • Foreign Income
  • Statutory Residency Test for non UK residents
  • Capital Gains Tax

As a result of Just Accountancy Services completing and submitting your
tax return you will receive a prompt, timely and accurate service and avoid

potential penalties from HMRC.

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